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Would you like to learn English? or to recall your English knowledge as some of it has dissappeared​ after you had learned?

Today, in addition to 350-400 million native Englishs speakers, it is estimated that 1,5-2 billion people have at least some basic English skills. Why English is important? Let’s see some examples;

  • Two-thirds of scientific papers are published in English.
  • Half of all business deals are conducted in English.
  • 75% of all mailings in the world are made in English.
  • 70-80% of the internet content is written in English.

VIPTALKERS provides you;

  • To learn English while having fun and being convinced about its benefits but not seeing it as a burden or an obligation,
  • To learn English with a continuous multiple-way interaction rather than a passive aprroach which focuses on only reading&listening,
  • To learn English by copying a native English speaker’s reactions rather than translating sentences from your own native language.
  • To learn English not by only memorizing words in English but also by being aware of that correct pronunciation is as important as grammar and sentence structure.


Scientific Approach to Educational Methodology

TPR Method In Foreign Language Education

TPR Method In Foreign Language Education

‟Why most of the individuals trained in Turkey can not speak a foreign language fluently?” This question has been a subject of our daily conversations for a long time. Many of us might have heard some comments in the upper mentioned conversations such as ‟...

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Effective Learning Time: 25 Minutes

Effective Learning Time: 25 Minutes

The duration of a course is an issue that every educator thinks and ponders. There are still different opinions and practices about how long a course should be for effective learning and concentration. The most important problem here is, of course, the overlap of the...

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A New Window in English Training: VIPTalkers

A New Window in English Training: VIPTalkers

The importance of foreign language has become an indisputable fact in our increasingly globalized world. In particular, the effect of the media and the internet on shortening the distances, and on increasing the speed of communication and interaction to an...

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