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Would you like to learn English? or to recall your English knowledge as some of it has dissappeared​ after you had learned?

Today, in addition to 350-400 million native Englishs speakers, it is estimated that 1,5-2 billion people have at least some basic English skills. Why English is important? Let’s see some examples;

  • Two-thirds of scientific papers are published in English.
  • Half of all business deals are conducted in English.
  • 75% of all mailings in the world are made in English.
  • 70-80% of the internet content is written in English.

VIPTALKERS provides you;

  • To learn English while having fun and being convinced about its benefits but not seeing it as a burden or an obligation,
  • To learn English with a continuous multiple-way interaction rather than a passive aprroach which focuses on only reading&listening,
  • To learn English by copying a native English speaker’s reactions rather than translating sentences from your own native language.
  • To learn English not by only memorizing words in English but also by being aware of that correct pronunciation is as important as grammar and sentence structure.


What do our students think?

After postponing many times, I’ve overcome my fears and reluctance about English with Viptalkers. I began to understand and to speak English fluently in a short period of time. I don’t need to go abroad only for studying English anymore. Thanks to the Viptalkers team!

Asuman Gül ŞENKAL


I was not confident about speaking English even though I had had a good English background. Thanks to Viptalkers, I’ve had the chance for practicing English and learning a lot about my business. Now it’s time for my wife and kids.

Mustafa Çetin SELİMOĞLU

Student-Advanced Level (Business English)

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