There is an old saying. A foreign language is a new person​. Yes, speaking a foreign language can help you a lot. Knowledge of a foreign language; There are many benefits such as getting a new job, traveling freely in a foreign country, working when necessary and following foreign press. So why English? Although English is not the most spoken language in the world today, it is the official language of 53 countries and is spoken by around 400 million people. It is also the language of science and a language in which international people can speak among themselves. Speaking English provides opportunities to speak and communicate not only with native English speakers, but also with people from other countries.

The language of aviation is English. Today, a Danish pilot, passes through Turkey’s airspace and airspace from any country, must speak English and deal with ground control elements. If you are wandering around Istanbul Eminönü, the question that a tourist will ask you will probably be in English. For example, a tourist who came to our country from Arab countries is likely to use English when asking you for an address. It will not be misleading to conclude from these examples that: The language of speech and agreement in international settings is English.

The language in which many international companies correspond, speak, and understand among their employees and with other companies is English. Today, regardless of the country of origin, if you want to work in an international company, you have to use, speak and write English very well.

If you like cinema, if you like listening to music, if you follow the NBA basketball league, you will enjoy much more than the ones who can’t understand English. Many feature films and popular songs are also in English. You are more likely to reach a resource you are looking for on the Internet by knowing English again. For example, a computer programmer is more likely to find the solution to a problem he / she encounters during software by writing in English to search engines like Google.

There are many reasons why English is so widely accepted and used in almost every field. The most important of these is that those who make technological progress and scientific developments use this language. We would also like to have our native language a common language of science, business and entertainment. However, for now, English is the language that the world’s people have decided on for many areas. Today, our better understanding and reading of English will contribute us to both individual and social issues.