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With VIPTalkers, it is very easy to plan your lessons, choose tutors and attend classes! You can make your own planning on the user-friendly screens and start learning English from the comfort of your home!

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VIPTalkers promises you professional English learning with over 4000 lessons for all ages and all levels. Regardless of your level, there is always a lesson that appeals to you at VIPTalkers.

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If you don’t know where to start, determine your level for free with our professional tutors. Sign up now and start your free lesson. VIPTalkers membership is completely free and will remain free!

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VIPTalkers lessons are planned for 25 minutes. Thus, you can follow your lessons without getting bored and get maximum benefit. At the end of each lesson, a feedback about your level will be sent to you by our expert tutors.

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What VIPTalkers users think?

This program and the teacher very good thank you very much.



Very interesting and generous lesson.


Attendee-Intermediate Level

Teacher Mima, thank you so much for the lessons. I am so happy to attend the class with you. I can learn the words and expressions because of you. See you next lesson. Stay well 🙂



Thank you for the lesson. You are an amazing teacher I have ever seen. I am looking forward to attending the next class with you. See you Teacher Kate, bye.


Attendee-Upper Intermediate Level

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After completing the application process, VIPTalkers instructors can plan their courses by using account information on their dashboard.

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Payments are made automatically to the accounts declared by the teachers on certain days of each month. Make sure your payment information is correct.

Learn With Us, Improve With Us!

You understand English, but can’t speak it?

We make learning English fun;

  • With our experienced tutors,
  • By using the curriculum and content tailored for your needs,
  • One-to-one and interactive methods in online virtual classrooms.

We are ready with more than 4000 lessons prepared for individuals of all ages and all levels! Moreover, we offer the opportunity for your children to take lessons from the comfort of your home, under your control, without any concerns.

There is no need to invite anyone to your home or send your child to the house of people you do not know. VIPTalkers classes are taught online by professional tutors.

You are invited to our entertaining and instructive lessons with professional and competent staff! Moreover, the first lesson is free to every our member.

Why VIPTalkers?

You can learn English online with the help of our TEFL / TESOL certified tutors who are specialized in English teaching. Instead of classical English teaching approaches that take both your time and cost a lot of money, we suggest you take a look at VIPTalkers lessons.

How can I Become a Member?

For VIPTalkers membership, you can use the “Sign Up” buttons you see anywhere on the page or you can become a member by clicking this link. Membership is free now and forever. Sign up now to receive your free first lesson.

Corporate Membership

VIPTalkers serves not only our individual members but also our corporate members. If you want your employees learn English in a very short time, contact us directly by using our contact numbers and e-mail address for corporate membership.

Tracking Progress

It’s easy for you to track your progress with our post-course reports and screens. In this way, you can be aware of the improvements in your English level. You can also evaluate your tutors after lessons and help them improve their teaching skills too.

Join Us!

If you want to become an English tutor at VIPTalkers, fill out our application form. Anyone who meets the application requirements can apply to become a VIPTalkers tutor. If you want to reserve your place in our distinguished and professional staff, apply now! You can use this link for detailed information!

Trade Mark in English Education

We care for you. Our job is your future…

VIPTalkers, which is innovative and pioneer in English education since its establishment, is an institution where online English education is successfully provided at all levels with its experienced and expert staff, and with modern technological equipment.

The main goal of VIPTalkers is to provide a suitable and sustainable education opportunity to all students by melting the technological developments and the global English teaching techniques in the same pot.

It is another goal of VIPTalkers to deliver quality learning opportunities under equal conditions regardless of income levels. With VIPTalkers, you can find suitable training models for your family, employees and all loved ones. If you want to save both time and money, we are ready for you.

We Reserved Your Place!

Choose your classes according to your level, create your lesson schedule and start learning.

We, together with our professional and experienced team, will be waiting for you in our online classes. Make your decision, we are ready!