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Courses for Kids

English Courses

for Very Young Learners

Online English Lessons for Very Young Learners

We educate our students at the very basic level with our English classes designed for your children over 3 years of age. With the course content prepared for this age group students, young children will be able to learn English without being bored but having fun. In addition, you can follow the level your child reaches with end-of-the-year reports prepared by our expert tutors.

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English for Kids online lessons outcomes

By the end of the course your child will be able to:

– Understand simple texts and storybooks
– Sing English children’s’ songs
– Answer simple questions in English
– Learn some basic vocabulary

English Courses

for Kids

Online English for Kids

For primary and secondary school students, the foreign language is not a lesson to be afraid anymore. For this age group, a speaking-based English education is designed by focusing on listening and intonation, and the basic grammar issues are intuitively communicated to the student. In addition, according to the student’s level of improvement on vocabulary, reading and writing skills, the proper course is provided.

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“English for Children” online course outcomes

By the end of the course your child will be able to:
– Introduce themselves and talk about their likes and dislikes
– Read and understand simple texts and storybooks
– Understand phonics and develop correct pronunciation
– Learn the basics of grammar such as tenses, adjectives, nouns and adverbs
– Clearly understand native speakers as well as videos and songs in English
– Communicate using common vocabulary

English Courses

for Teenagers

Online English for Teenagers

In the courses for teenagers, lesson planning is based on the subjects that are directly related to the students’ interest, and the students are encouraged to speak as much as possible during the course. Errors made at the points where the students express themselves in English are corrected in a timely manner and enable the students to speak English in a short time and to use the language correctly and effectively.

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Online Lessons “English for Teenagers”: course outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to:

– Learn new English words
– Scan/skim long texts successfully
– Write essays in English
– Read complete and unabridged short stories


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