One of the most effective and undisputed factors that make learning English easier is to carry out English learning with native English teachers.

Our most important sense of learning is our sense of hearing. It is our sense that makes the most contribution to learning. Sometimes we realize that we have memorized the lyrics of a song without realizing it. The reason for this is that even if you do not pay attention, what you hear is transferred to memory. You learn and speak the same way you hear English. A native English speaker speaks natural English than a teacher who learns English later, and it seems that people who learn English from the native speaker are much more natural than others. Accents and pronunciation errors are minimized. In this method, students are carefully focused on establishing correct sentences, and teachers immediately correct pronunciation errors. Teachers whose native language is English can more easily detect and correct accent and pronunciation errors in your English. This gives you a chance to see your mistakes and correct them quickly.

Especially when it comes to children, a tutor whose mother tongue is English is very important. Kids are like an empty sheet (tabula rasa). That’s why they learn English in the same way they hear. When he grows up, the English he speaks is too smooth to be distinguished from a native speaker.

We should know that language lessons are not like math. So memorizing grammar rules or words is not enough to speak English. Each language has the characteristics of the country of birth and the language changes and develops with the changing culture of the country. Therefore, apart from the correct pronunciation, another important point is that a ‘‘Native Speaker teacher” is able to convey not only the language but also the culture of that language. Thus, while learning the language, they teach people how to use the language, the patterns used, social relations and rules of society, and it increases your communication with the people who speak the language. Your control on the language increases.

Another important issue in learning a foreign language is to hesitate speaking to a foreigner. Difficulties are experienced due to the fear of making mistakes and the fear of understanding wrong. We shouldn’t forget that speaking can only be learned by speaking. It is important to know that language is something spoken and if you are unable to speak, you can’t make use of many advantages of knowing a language. In private lessons with a Native Speaker teacher, these fears will be left behind and the necessary speech training will be done ideally.